VA Roseburg Healthcare System Eugene Oregon Reintegration Center

The Eugene Oregon Reintegration Center is part of the VA Roseburg Healthcare System and helps recently-returned veterans reintegrate back into civilian life. However, this is not an emergency facility for returning veterans. Patients are seen in this clinic on a scheduled, appointment basis. Furthermore, to seek treatment at this facility, patients must first determine their eligibility by completing an application for health benefits.

Visitors can find this center at 211 E. 7th Ave. in Eugene, Oregon. Its operating hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. The facility’s reintegration phone number is (541) 242-0445; its behavioral health recovery line is (541) 242-0440; and its fax number is (541) 465-6602.

As a service center of the VA Roseburg Healthcare System, reintegration center patients can also access the comprehensive variety of services offered at the main Roseburg Medical Center. These include primary, secondary and long-term care. This main facility is located in Roseburg, Oregon. In addition, the Roseburg system offers four community-based outpatient clinics, which provide eligible patients with outpatient and day-to-day medical care, emphasizing preventative medicine. These clinics are located in Brookings, Eugene and North Bend.