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The University of Chicago Medical Center has a Comprehensive Cancer Center that, according to U.S. News & World Report has been consistently ranked among the top cancer care centers in the United States. One of only two designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers by the National Cancer Institute in Illinois, the center has a team of specialists that are recognized nationally as experts.

With up-to-date diagnostic and treatment options, the Comprehensive Cancer Center offers advanced imaging technology and genetic testing. Additionally, the team works collectively to provide a personal, multimodal approach to cancer treatment with innovative combinations of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  The center offers stem cell transplants for individuals of all ages.  After treatment, cancer patients can count on comprehensive follow-up care to prevent future issues.

The team at the Cancer Center at the University of Chicago Medical Center strive to preserve the quality of life while seeking to battle the cancer. The Center boasts their accomplishments of helping a young woman stricken with ovarian cancer fulfill her dream of becoming a mother and giving a chef with tongue cancer the ability to preserve his sense of taste.

Research Center

In accordance with the goals of the Comprehensive Cancer Center, the team is also a premier cancer research center. They receive more funds than any other organization in Illinois and their patients have more access to clinical trials than any other hospital in the region. Scientists at the Center are searching for new drugs and creating new cancer treatment protocols.


Always a leader in its field, the University of Chicago Medical Center has been recognized both in patient care and research.  Additionally, many of the staff has received named chairs and other distinguished honors.

Mesothelioma Physician Team

Medical Oncology

  • Hedy Kindler, MD
  • Ravi Salgia, MD


  • Aliya Husain, MD
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Renuka Malik, MD


  • Heber MacMahon, MD
  • Alexandra Funaki, MD
  • Brent Greenberg, MD
  • Steven Montner, MD
  • Christopher Straus, MD
  • Steven Zangan, MD


  • Mark Ferguson, MD
  • Wickii Vigneswaran, MD


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