Widely regarded as one of the leading cancer centers in the country, the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center has a major national presence in three separate locations. With headquarters in Rochester, Minnesota, the clinic also has campuses in Jacksonville, Florida, and Phoenix, Arizona.

Every year, the Mayo Clinic takes on nearly 20,000 new patients. As one of the largest cancer treatment facilities in the nation, it is a leader in transferring knowledge from research to effective improvements in cancer care. The Mayo Clinic scientists offer hundreds of clinical trials as well as study groups and research bases.

The Mayo Clinic also offers some excellent specialized treatment and care for mesothelioma patients. With a wide range of specialists experienced in dealing with mesothelioma, the Mayo Clinic usually handles multiple new cases of the disease every month. At the clinic, specialists meet to discuss the best possible treatment strategy for individual cases. With one of the best diagnostic teams in any cancer center, the Mayo Clinic offers quick turnaround and preparation of a treatment team for every patient. This team consists of a specialist in pulmonary care, critical care, pathology, and thoracic surgery.

The treatment schedule for patients usually consists of a combination of surgery, chemo, and radiation. Because the Mayo Clinic is a leading research source when it comes to cancer, some patients may also be eligible to take part in some progressive treatment and trials as well. The Mayo Clinic prides itself as a fusion of learning and forward research, believing that fostering education will help to provide a better understanding of cancer in the long run.

The clinic cancer center offers a diverse and lengthy amount of support services for patients and their families throughout the treatment process. This includes patient education, concierge, transportation, lodging, and medical transport.

The Mayo Clinic’s reputation precedes it, primarily because it has been one of the only medical centers to consistently chart near the top of the rankings. For nearly 20 years, the Mayo Clinic has charted in the top spots of the U.S. News & World Report for best hospitals.

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