Mesothelioma Settlements

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Very few mesothelioma cases ever go to trial. Most end in what is called a settlement. A legal settlement happens when the defendant agrees to make a compensatory payment to the plaintiff rather than let a higher court hear the case.

Settling claims out of court through a mesothelioma settlement ends the litigation process favorably for the plaintiff. Many companies responsible for asbestos exposure have already set up an asbestos trust to pay future claimants. Others may settle out of court once the asbestos exposure is confirmed.

The Settlement Process

Once you’ve started the process of filing a lawsuit, a mesothelioma settlement can be offered at different stages: before the trial, at the end of the trial, or as the result of an appeal.

Before the trial, the attorneys for the defendant and the plaintiff discuss the various aspects of the case. Sometimes, during this conversation, the defendant might offer a settlement. This tends to happen when the defendant wants to avoid the expense of litigation or if the defendant is found guilty of dangerous asbestos exposure in another mesothelioma case.

At the end of the trial, depending on how confident the defendant feels about the probable outcome of the case, a settlement might be offered before the jury returns a decision. While a jury considers all of the evidence and information and deliberates about the result, the defendant can pursue the approval to offer a settlement in lieu of the final judgment.

After a judgment has been made, the plaintiff could appeal the jury’s decision. After this appeal, the defendant may offer a settlement rather than let a higher court hear the case. A higher court has the authority to overturn the decision of the lower court, which would force the defendant to pay a settlement to the plaintiff. The dollar amounts of settlements vary greatly and depend on many factors.

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