Shamanism is the name of a group of people that practice ancient folk remedies to cure illnesses and diseases such as cancer and emotional problems. Most of the ancient folk medicines involve herbal treatments as well as supernatural and spiritual healing.

Healing rituals are performed by a Shaman, who is a person that is highly regarded as someone with magical or spiritual powers. This healer was known as someone who could see past the everyday world and communicate with animals, gods, demons and the spirits of ancestors.

The Practice

In many cases, the Shaman enters a trance through the use of hallucinogenic drugs to determine what is wrong with the patient. Other Shamans choose the fasting method in order to enter a self-induced trance. The Shaman might sing, chant, dance, pray or play drums beats. Shamans believe that the soul can leave its body during these rituals. During the trance, the Shaman’s soul travels to the spirit world to communicate with the spirits that are responsible for the illness in hopes that he should find a remedy for the sick person.

History of Shamanism

Shamanism has existed for over 40,000 years and is the oldest of all healing practices. This type of spiritual healing method is believed to have originated in western China and Russia. Many people continue to learn and practice Shamanism in the modern world. Native American spiritual healers also practice a form of Shamanism and they are known as Medicine Men. Anyone who wishes to become a Shaman must endure a strict and rigorous training to attain the ability to communicate with the spirits and provide physical and emotional healing for patients.

Benefits of Shamanism

There is no scientific evidence or studies that support the belief that a Shaman ritual healing will cure mesothelioma cancer or any other kind of health problem. The scientific evidence that is available does not support the claims that spirits exist or that Shamans can communicate with them. Yet Shaman ritual healings have been known to reduce stress and anxiety, promote clarity of mind and strengthen the will to live. In conjunction with conventional treatment methods, patients suffering from mesothelioma symptoms may find symptom relief in alternative methods such as Shamanism.