Native American Healing

Native American healing is principally concerned with spirit, nature and the processes which keep energies in motion. The Medicine Man and thnative american healing mesotheliomae tribal Shaman are always looking upward to the Great Spirit for the impetus, the guidance and the continued involvement in the process of healing. In this way, they accept the Will of the Great One. According to Native American belief, acceptance is an important part of healing. It is impossible to heal unless there is an acceptance of the disease process. Additionally, the possibility of various outcomes allows the process of healing to move forward. The Native American Indians know these principals well and base much of their learning and their healing techniques upon them.

The Medicine Man

Nature and all of its healing elements are always available to every good Medicine Man and tribal Shaman. In some cases, the Shaman may be the Medicine Man, or he may be a different entity. The Shaman is very involved in spiritual traveling. A Shaman may travel throughout the Universe in search of a person’s lost energies since it is their belief that illness usually involves lost parts of the self. A Shaman’s role within the tribe is critical and much honor is bestowed upon the Shaman for the work that he does.

Both of these healers look to the natural world for important herbs. They view the herbs as the medicine cabinet that the Great One has given to mankind. Within the herbs are vitamins and minerals, in addition to the unique plant substances. All Native American healers use herbs in the practice of their art. This belief is firmly entrenched within the Indian population.


Cleansing is a vital part of Indian wellness. Placing hot rocks in a tent and sweating everything negative out of the body leads to a greater state of wellness. Chanting and dancing keep the body in motion. When a person is too ill to do the chanting and dancing, the tribe does both for him. When the tribe is in motion and focused upon the sick individual, the tribe is in the process of pushing the energies of illness from the sick person’s body. This act can also be viewed as a group cleansing. Dancing and chanting create vibrations which help to open the chakras within. Essentially, illness is being driven from the body.

Benefits of Native American Healing

Native American healing practices are believed to help cure a cancer patient. While not proven, advocates of alternative methods like Native American healing practices note the ability to ease pain in patients. Along with medical treatments, those patients diagnosed with cancers such as mesothelioma could likely utilize therapies such as this one.  In the case of mesothelioma, having a latency period of 20 to 50 years can often mean that by the time an individual is diagnosed, the symptoms are very strong and the pain, unbearable at time. Symptom relief with alternative practices such as this might make an individual with mesothelioma more comfortable.


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