Health Coaching

Health coaching operates under the assumption that the client already has the subconscious information needed to make necessary decisions and reach desired goals. A health coach, however, can provide accountability by helping the person being coached to stick with a plan – whether that means diet, lifestyle, exercise, meditation, or having more fun.

The Procedure

The coach merely asks questions that enable the self-discovery needed to find the answers. With this inner knowledge comes life-changing energy, healing, love, and laughter. As a result, the client becomes more effective, resourceful and satisfied with daily life and finds solutions to its challenges. Additional expert advice is sought, if needed.  Mesothelioma patients, like many other cancer survivors, are choosing to use health coaches to deal with the stress of living with an illness, enable faster surgical recovery, and reduce the side effects of standard treatment.

The first coaching session centers around goals, listing them in a positive way. For example, a person who wants to be pain-free and relaxed may say something like the following: “I wake up each day feeling relaxed, energetic, and ready to pursue my dreams.” Instead of saying he does not want rib pain, the affirmation may be something like “I am free to take big breaths of air, nourishing my body with oxygen and feeling more comfortable and relaxed with each breath.” Visualization is the key to creating desired outcomes. Coaches with training may also incorporate energy work, such as Reiki or Matrix Energetics, into their sessions.

Benefits of a Health Coach

A Health Coach helps clients to examine the “energy zappers” in their lives and supports them in finding ways to bring more pleasure and energy. Laura Whitworth, in Co-Active Coaching, calls coaching an “Intuition Fitness Center.” Whether over the phone or in person, a coach takes a client through uncertainties and challenges, allowing the client to create and execute a self-made plan of action that will improve both personal life and environment.

Life coaching focuses on a broader spectrum of personal achievement and well-being than health coaching. Coming from all kinds of backgrounds and experiences, life coaches help clients navigate transitions and manage relationships. They may also help them deal with the debilitating effects of cancer and other illnesses. Their primary goal, however, centers on wellness and personal goals.


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