Healing Touch Therapy

Healing touch therapy is a simple and non-invasive procedure that can be performed in almost any clean and quiet environment: after the fully clothed client lies down comfortably on their back, the therapist glides her open-palmed, downward facing hands – raised about one or two inches above the body – over the length and width of the form, sensitively “tuning in” to blocked or discordant or healthy energy, as well as its overall condition. The therapiest then continues in this manner until the entire body is scanned. The remainder of the 40 or 50 minute session may be utilized to generate energy and to balance the entire body.

History of Healing Touch Therapy

Though healing touch therapy gained formal recognition as a respected therapeutic modality as a result of the superior continued efforts and training programs of registered nurse Janet Mentgen in the late 1980’s, healing touch is a centuries-old technique with its origins in the eastern traditions and cultures of India, China and Japan.

The Procedure

Healing touch therapy is an adjunct treatment and practitioners do not make any assertions, claims or promises of healing or results. The therapist will start the session with questions to ascertain relevant and necessary information so that the healing touch session can best proceed. Interestingly, some practitioners report that when a client is asked about their particular pain or discomfort, e.g., whether it is the result of injury or a cellular disorder, there is often a release of pain. Shifts often occur in this manner; energy responds to the therapist’s vibration.

After the client explains the pertinent information, the therapist may direct their hands toward those areas, but will respond to their own inner experience and guidance. The authentic, skilled healing touch therapist is highly sensitive and can certainly feel the energies of the body without actually touching it. This is one reason why healing touch is often called “energy work” – the focus of the treatment is the energy itself, not the body.

Healing touch therapy, as a form of complementary and alternative medicine, is gaining wider recognition and respect in traditional hospitals, medical schools and teaching universities in the U.S. and around the world. Insurance companies are now open to complementary and alternative medicine in accordance with traditional treatments. This awareness and openness is a positive sign and will allow more patients to access all available forms of treatment.


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