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Opened in 1948 by David M. Wood, the UCSF Cancer Research Institute began to grow in northern California as a division of the UCSF Medical Center. Since then the University of California-San Francisco Medical Center has widely become known for its excellent care and treatment for multiple different types of cancers and illnesses.

The University of California-San Francisco Medical Center is home to about 770,000 patient visits a year. With 7,000 different employees and multiple locations, their impact stretches beyond the northern region of California.

The UCSF Medical Center contains a Thoracic Surgery Program which is an expert resource for treatment of multiple chest issues, including mesothelioma. This program features numerous surgeons, oncologists, pulmonologists and pathologists that are able to offer analysis and corresponding treatment plans. This team of doctors allows the UCSF Medical Center to take part in multiple groundbreaking medical procedures. The UCSF Medical Center is also home to progressive radiation and imaging strategies, as well as different forms of immunotherapy.

The Hellen Diller Family comprehensive Cancer Center is one of the only of its kind in Northern California. Dubbed as a comprehensive care center, they serve to treat all forms of cancer. The center is home to the most research grants in the state of California and the sixth most nationwide. With this level of support, they are able to put excellent resources into the cellular, genetic, and immune causes and reactions to cancer.

Along with an incomparable level of medical resources, the UCSF Medical Center has a great amount of support programs and benefits as well. They provide counseling and emotional support, as well as educational programs intended for patient and family use. They also offer a number of different complementary therapies and exercise classes that can end up being highly beneficial for cancer patients.

Consistently ranked among the top cancer centers and hospitals nationwide, the attributes of the UCSF Medical Center continue to grow. The U.S. News & World Report recently named the UCSF Medical Center one of the top 10 hospitals in the nation, primarily because of its ability to mix advanced patient care with progressive technology and ground breaking research.

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