Tremolite Asbestos

Tremolite asbestos is a particular form of asbestos and is often seen as one of the more hazardous types of this substance. It is named after the Val Tremola, which is a valley in Switzerland where this mineral is found.  Tremolite asbestos is just one of six different asbestos types, some of which were used in construction in the past, and is extremely dangerous to the health of anyone that comes in to contact with it. Asbestos was even used in the manufacture of various household appliances, as well as in automobile manufacturing.

Tremolite Properties

In terms of its composition, tremolite is mainly made from silicon, calcium, magnesium oxygen and hydrogen, and these turn in to asbestos when dolomite is mixed with water and silica – something that can happen regularly in the natural world. The color of tremolite varies greatly, with reports of anything from brown to green formations being discovered. It is slightly transparent and can be located in most of the continents of the world, including North America.

Dangers of Asbestos

Asbestos is particularly linked to the illnesses of lung cancer and asbestosis, and it is estimated that around 10,000 US citizens die every year as a result of coming in to contact with this highly toxic substance. Although further testing needs to be carried out, it has been suggested that tremolite is far more toxic than other forms of asbestos and therefore has the potential to cause a lot more illnesses in the population.  Many of these illnesses are from contact that occurred many years ago when asbestos was still common in society, but it is still a startling figure that will hopefully drop as asbestos is used less and less.

Though tremolite was never used widely in the construction industry, it poses a danger largely as a contaminant of other materials.  A popular children’s toy was discovered to contain it recently, while there was also concerns about talcum powder and insulating materials containing dangerously high concentrations of this mineral. If this is the case then it could have put many families throughout the US at risk of developing asbestos related illnesses.