Vitae Elixxir was developed by Ralph Schauss, a businessman in Wyoming who had no scientific or medical training. Schauss claimed that his tonic helped with a variety of medical ailments, including multiple sclerosis (MS), lymphoma, internal parasites, arthritis, and several other illnesses. The exact ingredients of this formula are not known, although Vitae Elixxir is thought to contain St. John’s Wort. The formula is also said to contain 11 other ingredients, along with some trace minerals. The instructions state that Vitae Elixxir should be taken orally, mixed with food, juice, or water. It is also said that Vitae Elixxir can be mixed with dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) to make a foot bath. This method is recommended for cancer patients who are not able to take Vitae Elixxir orally.

Whether Schauss’ claims about his Vitae Elixxir are true is unknown. At this time, no studies have been found to prove or disprove the claims made about Vitae Elixxir. No studies have been published in medical journals. Users of Vitae Elixxir have reported that it has an unpleasant taste, and the foot bath method of usage has not been proven effective.

As with all companies that produce supplements, Vitae Elixxir is not required to show evidence of health benefits or safety to the FDA before sale to the general public. The standard practice is that supplements may be sold as long as they do not claim to cure or treat a particular disease. However, recent laws now require more accurate listing of the Vitae Elixxir’s ingredients on its packaging.

It is unknown whether Vitae Elixxir interacts adversely with other drugs, foods, or herbs because such testing has not yet occurred. At this time, information on the possible ill effects of Vitae Elixxir is considered incomplete. Some side effects that have been reported from using Vitae Elixxir include gas, diarrhea, pain, and the worsening of symptoms after beginning to take to the formula.

Based on a lack of proven research for this product, Vitae Elixxir is not recommended as a treatment for any type of cancer at this time, including mesothelioma, even for those patients who frequently turn to alternative and experimental treatments in the hope of surpassing the poor life expectancy commonly seen. The American Cancer Society cautions that forgoing or delaying conventional medical care in favor of this or any other alternative treatment may result in serious health consequences, especially for cancers such as mesothelioma.


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