HiTemp Pipe Covering

HiTemp pipe covering was a significant source of asbestos in private homes and commercial buildings. Though insulation products that contain asbestos have largely been discontinued in the United States, some of these products are still responsible for thousands of illnesses related to asbestos exposure. Up until the 1970s when asbestos use was restricted, HiTemp pipe covering was a popular brand of insulation used in homes and commercial and industrial facilities.

HiTemp pipe covering was manufactured by Philip Carey Manufacturing Corporation, now the Celotex Corporation, and they sold thousands of tons of this insulation. It was used to insulate pipes in basements, boiler rooms, factories, and many other types of systems that delivered heat and air.

Manufacture and use of products like HiTemp pipe covering exposed countless people to the asbestos it contained. The last 40 years has seen many of these people stricken with diseases directly related to asbestos exposure like mesothelioma. At the highest risk were those who worked in the factories that were making the insulation, where they likely inhaled asbestos fibers that were in the air. After that, contractors who were responsible for the installation of the product faced exposure. People who own homes containing HiTemp pipe covering faced exposure as well.