Gold Bond Adhesive

One of the products made by National Gypsum under the name “Gold Bond” was Gold Bond adhesive. It was made using asbestos since this mineral was inexpensive, would not corrode, and was resistant to fire and heat. Years later it became publically known that asbestos exposure can cause serious diseases like asbestosis and mesothelioma.

Gold Bond adhesive was used to glue ceiling tiles and floor tiles to surfaces. Asbestos fibers, while very fine are also very strong and can handle pressure. Therefore, it was used to reinforce the adhesive to make it stronger. Using asbestos in the Gold Bond adhesive ensured that it would be inexpensive to produce and much stronger than it would have been had it not been used.

If asbestos fibers from products like Gold Bond adhesive become airborne, they can be inhaled easily as well as transported on hair, skin, clothing, and shoes. Those who worked with or manufactured the adhesive were at a high risk of exposure and may have also carried the fibers home with them causing their families to be exposed as well.