Virginia Mesothelioma Resources and Asbestos Information

The state of Virginia is home to a large number of asbestos deposits that date back to early prehistoric times. In more recent human history, the prevalence of mesothelioma and other diseases has drawn attention to the substance and its hazards. While not all the asbestos sites in Virginia were used as mines or production facilities, the health concerns associated with malignant mesothelioma and asbestosis are serious enough to warrant knowledge concerning state-to-state specifics.

Virginia, like other geographical areas, presents a unique problem because of the wide cross sections of industrial functions that asbestos has served. In addition to the high-profile shipyard, military vessels and housing applications where the material is a known danger, asbestos exposure is a very real issue in power stations, chemical processing laboratories and oil refineries.

Asbestos was used because of its many desirable industrial qualities. The material boasts high temperature and electrical resistance, and it also stands up well to acidic corrosion. The microscopic fibers lent themselves extremely well to forming, so a variety of relatively-cheap industrial processes could be used to create asbestos-bearing structures, parts and equipment.

The Commonwealth of Virginia has been home to seagoing industrial concerns since the states were British colonies. This led to the creation of a massive infrastructure to handle the transportation and living needs of the millions of residents drawn by economic opportunities. Asbestos exposure has occurred at power stations, maritime facilities, corporate research labs and manufacturing facilities. From 1980 to 2000, almost 1,400 Virginians succumbed to asbestos disease, mostly asbestosis, though mesothelioma certainly played a major part in the astounding loss of life.

Shipyard workers, chemists and other people who have been exposed to asbestos during the early stages of industrial processing were frequently exposed to extremely concentrated quantities. As the asbestos products used in machinery, homes and tools saw use, movement, friction and other factors caused the microscopic fibers to loosen and spread through the air. Although not all asbestos-containing substances are subject to the same level of deterioration factors or rates, it’s important to be aware of the local sources in one’s environment. The only 100% effective method of asbestos disease prevention is controlling exposure.