Enercel is an herbal compound consisting of small diluted amounts of a variety of plants including aloe, lachesis, licopodium, and cactus. These dilutions are mixed with a 2-8 percent alcohol base to create the compound. Enercel is also formerly known as Hansi. Marketed as a natural source of cellular energy, this preparation is often promoted by its proponents as having a plethora of health benefits for a wide variety of ailments. Some of the most notable benefits that are claimed include boosting the immune system and the ability to prevent and halt some forms of cancer. In addition to this, the compound is also promoted as easing radiation and chemotherapy side effects and treating chronic fatigue syndrome. Additionally, this homeopathic remedy is also claimed to provide relief for a wide range of seemingly unrelated conditions including Bell’s palsy, asthma, stroke and even AIDs. This supplement can be taken via nasal mist, by mouth in drop form, or by injection. The exact formula of the compound changes according to the condition being treated and to fit the manner of delivery selected.

Although distributors of this compound claim that more than 150,000 cancer patients have reported improvement with this substance, there are no available scientific studies to back up these claims. Additionally, there are no medical journal articles supporting the claims, nor are there any submissions on the compound that have been released to peer-reviewed medical journals. It is standard practice for medical researchers to submit such articles; the lack of submission can be viewed as solid cause for concern about the validity of the claimed benefits.

It is important to note that Enercel is a relatively new supplement and was only formally introduced in 1990. Should claims of Enercel’s ability to boost the immune system be researched and found true, the plant matter could become beneficial in palliative cancer treatments. Cancers usually not diagnosed until the later stages such as mesothelioma are commonly treated with standard methods such as chemotherapy and radiation. The proposed effects of Enercel, including the boosting of immune systems and fatigue, could help mesothelioma patients to better handle chemotherapy and radiation side-effects.


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