Dr. John Gamboa, founder of the Cancer Center of Idaho, is a board certified radiologist.

Phone: (208) 672-1000
Address: 9357 West Emerald Street Boise, Idaho 83704

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Dr. John Gamboa, founder of the Cancer Center of Idaho, is a board certified radiologist. Among other conditions, he uses his specialty, radiation oncology, to treat mesothelioma cancer patients. The medical center he founded is considered a leader and innovator in radiation therapy technology, introducing Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) to Boise in 2003. This technology allows the medical facility to generate a sharper picture of a patient’s healthy and cancerous tissue. This allows Dr. Gamboa and his team to develop a more clear-cut treatment plan which focuses the radiation more precisely, allowing the CCI team to intensify radiation dosage to the cancerous areas while also minimizing damage to the healthy tissue nearby.

In addition, Dr. Gamboa’s was among the Northwest’s first treatment facilities to use BAT, which is an ultrasound-based image guidance targeting technology that further boosts cancer treatment effectiveness. This technology adds another level of treatment precision by allowing doctors to identify the specific target area during each treatment, in case it has shifted. The team uses this technology before each session for targeting specific treatment areas, which may include the prostate, breast tumors, the liver and the bladder. This increases the chances of cure compared to conventional radiation treatments.

In addition to Dr. Gamboa’s role as the radiation oncologist, his facility staff includes a physician’s assistant, medical physicist, dosimetrist, radiation therapists and registered nurses. Dr. Gamboa’s office was designed specifically to create a comfortable surrounding where patient needs can be accommodated easily.

Educational Background

Dr. Gamboa earned his medical degree from the University Of Utah School Of Medicine in Salt Lake City, Utah. He interned with the Swedish Hospital Medical Center of Seattle, Washington, and then did his residency with the University Of Washington School Of Medicine in Seattle, Washington. His certification date was June 6, 1991.

Additional Work and Distinctions

Dr. Gamboa holds active hospital affiliations with the St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center and St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center of Boise, Idaho. In addition to founding the Cancer Center of Idaho, Dr. Gamboa also founded the departments of radiation oncology at both the Southern Idaho Regional Cancer Center Magic Valley RMC of Twin Falls, Idaho and the St. Alphonsus Cancer Treatment Center of Boise.


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