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University of Wisconsin Health is a comprehensive health system that includes the renowned University of Wisconsin Hospital and American Family Children’s Hospital, and is recognized as one of the most progressive and prominent medical centers in the country.

University of Wisconsin Health represents the academic health care entities of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, these include: UW Medical Foundation, UW Hospital and Clinics, UW School of Medicine and Public Health, American Family Children’s Hospital and UW Carbone Cancer Center. The doctors associated with these programs are concerned with research, developing new treatments and training the next generation of physicians. Together with other health care professionals, this collection of hospitals and clinics serve not only the health needs of Wisconsin, but the entire country.

UW Carbone Cancer Center

The UW Carbone Cancer Center is the only comprehensive cancer center in Wisconsin, as designated by the National Cancer Institute. The center is recognized throughout the Midwest, as well as the nation, as one of the leading innovators in cancer research, quality patient care and community involvement. It is located in Madison, Wisconsin, with a total of over 280 faculty representing 55 departments and nine schools.

McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research

An integral part of the UW Carbone Cancer Center, the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research, is dedicated to innovative cancer research.  The McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research (also the Department of Oncology of the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health) was founded by Dr. Harold P. Rusch in 1940 and was the first basic science cancer center in an academic institution in the United States. The goals of the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer research wish to better understand the causes and biology of cancer, as well as the factors that regulate normal neoplastic growth and differentiation. They also wish to provide high quality training in cancer research at the graduate and postdoctoral levels.

Awards and Recognitions

During the fiscal year of 2010 the UW Carbone Cancer Center received over $160 million dollars in support.  The University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics were also ranked among the top 50 United States hospitals in seven medical specialties, noted in the 2010 edition of the U.S. News and World Report’s “America’s Best Hospitals” guide.


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