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The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, or UPMC, is an $8 billion nonprofit integrated global health enterprise. The center is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is Western Pennsylvania’s largest employer with nearly 50,000 employees. The medical center is comprised of 20 hospitals, 400 clinical locations including long-term care and senior living facilities, and a 1.4 million-member health care plan.

UPMC is organized into three major operating units:

  • Provider services
  • Insurance services
  • International and commercial services

UPMC has expertise in a number of highly-specialized technologies, including minimally invasive surgical procedures for the treatment of cancer, as well as developing a variety of cutting-edge surgical methods.

Awards and Recognition

UPMC has received national recognition as one of “America’s Best Hospitals,” earning the number 13 position in U.S. News and World’s Report’s annual guide. 2010 marks UPMC’s 11th year on the prestigious honor roll. To be on this elite honor roll, hospitals had to achieve high scores in six or more specialties.

In March 2011 the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute was awarded $350,000 to be distributed over three years, in order to enhance the Comprehensive Mesothelioma Program at UPCI and the UPMC Cancer Centers.

UPMC and Mesothelioma

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center also consists of the David C. Koch Regional Perfusion Cancer Therapy Center. This center offers regional perfusion therapy for peritoneal mesothelioma. The center notes that in most cases patients with peritoneal mesothelioma do not respond well to conventional chemotherapy. Because of this, the center recommends Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemoperfusion, or HIPEC. This is a heated solution containing anticancer drugs circulated throughout the abdomen as a means of treating tumors that are widely spread. Sometimes, prior to the HIPEC treatment, surgeaons debulk (or partially remove) the tumor, and/or perform a peritonectomy, which is the removal of the abdominal lining.

Other than treatment options, the David C. Koch Regional Perfusion Cancer Therapy Center offers treatment services for pleural mesothelioma and other cancers, a research and education department, support groups and clinical trials.


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