Travel Requirements

Among the major concerns those filing a mesothelioma or asbestos-related lawsuit might encounter remains the burden of traveling to fulfill all the trial requirements. Especially for mesothelioma sufferers, who face painful symptoms and often require close medical care in later stages, the prospect of travel is discouraging. Painful symptoms of asbestos-related disease can include painful fluid buildup in the lungs and chest, called pleural effusion, which causes discomfort and sometimes requires regular treatments. In addition, patients might not have the financial capacity to pay for travel costs associated with meeting with a qualified attorney with asbestos-related lawsuit experience. Treatment costs of this damaging form of cancer can run high, putting financial strain on families that limits their ability to take any other further action.

Luckily for patients dealing with an asbestos-related condition, travel is not a consideration. Most lawyers specializing in this form of litigation recognize the destructive physical consequences of asbestos exposure and make appropriate accommodations by meeting patients at their home. Recognizing the extreme physical and mental toll of an asbestos-related condition, it is likely a lawyer will meet the patient for an informal initial interview, regardless of where they reside. During this initial interview, the lawyer will attain information about the patient’s condition and the potential compensation he or she is owed. This process can be streamlined if the patient has a large amount of information available, though this is not necessarily vital because a legal research team can gather any missing information.

Even after the trial begins, these patients will likely not need to make an actual courtroom appearance. A transcript of the patient’s deposition can be entered as their testimony for the trial. A deposition is a patient’s sworn testimony taken outside of court. Furthermore, increasingly more claims never even make it to trial, as an out of court settlement is frequently come to between the plaintiff and defendant legal teams beforehand. Even if a case does go to trial, settlements at any stage can occur.