LyondellBasell Mansfield Plant

As the world’s third largest independent chemical company, the LyondellBasell Mansfield Plant in Mansfield, Texas has worldwide operations that produces annual revenues of approximately $30.8 billion. With more than 14,000 employees at international facilities, the LyondellBasell Mansfield Plant is just one location of vertically integrated facilities. A broad product portfolio, superior technology base, flexible manufacturing and operational excellence enables LyondellBasell to deliver constantly the value that customers expect.

The LyondellBasell Mansfield Plant produces thermoplastic polyolefins (TPO), a polypropylene compound of pellets. TPO is used in the automotive industry to manufactures parts such as grilles, bumper covers, body side moldings, air bag covers, consoles and dashboard components.

Nearly 40 acres of land encompasses the LyondellBasell Mansfield Plant. There are six different production lines, operations for warehousing and packaging, as well as product storage silos. Additionally, there are laboratory facilities to test products before they are placed on the market. With the ever changes in technology and customer demands, the laboratories are also used for research and development projects for new pilot lines and compounds.

From personal care products to packaging for fresh food, not many people exist whose lives are not affected by the products manufactured at the LyondellBasell Mansfield Plant. Many more products such as construction material, lightweight plastics, medical applications, biofuels and durable textiles are attributed to the world-class operations at LyondellBasell.

Many corporations are recognizing the importance of responsible corporate citizenship. The LyondellBasell Mansfield Plant is no exception as it devotes activities and business practices to maintain a safe community in which it operates. Safe manufacturing and use of the products manufactured at LyondellBasell is important to having a sustainable environment.

As with many chemical plants built before 1980, it is likely that the fiber asbestos was used in the construction of the Mansfield Plant facilities. Asbestos was used as an insulator in ceiling tiles, walls, piping, boiler rooms and was even made into protective clothing for plant workers to wear. Unfortunately, once this natural substance becomes airborne it can cause some serious and life threatening illnesses. One such illness is a fatal cancer called mesothelioma. Due to a latency period of 20 to 50 years, once diagnosed, mesothelioma is usually always terminal.