Springfield VA Outpatient Clinic


The Springfield VA Outpatient Clinic located in Springfield, Pennsylvania is a community-based outpatient clinic operating under the umbrella of the Coatesville VA Medical Center. Satellite clinics such as the Springfield location allow veterans the convenience of community medical services without the added troubles and costs associated with traveling to larger facilities.

The Springfield VA Outpatient Clinic consists of a staff of physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologists, and other health care professionals charged with providing veterans with a variety of outpatient services. The clinic notes a major emphasis in providing health assessment, primary care, mental health treatment, addiction therapy, and preventative health care, as well as education.

The clinic’s parent facility, the Coatesville VA Medical Center, has dedicated their service to more than 196,000 veterans residing in a 53-county area of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. The center operates two community-based outpatient clinics including the Springfield location, as well as a clinic in Spring City, Pennsylvania.


The Springfield VA Outpatient Clinic offers a variety of counseling and primary care services including:

  • Prescription Services
  • Medical and Nursing Evaluations
  • Preventative Health Care
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • Marital and Family Issues
  • Vocational and Career Assessment
  • PTSD
  • Women’s Health
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Mental Health Concerns

Should a veteran require inpatient services or outpatient services outside the scope of the Springfield Clinic referrals can be made to either the Coatesville VA Medical Center or another appropriate facility within the VA’s integrated network. The specialty and primary care programs available at the Coatesville VA Medical Center are extensive and include:

  • Geriatrics and Extended Care Service
  • Medical Foster Home Program
  • Mental Health (including consultations, evaluations, and treatments)
  • Pharmacy Services with refills available online, over the phone or by mail
  • Social Work Services
  • Specialty Programs including radiation, audiology, neurology, and oncology
  • Visual Impairment Services Team (VIST) assisting legally blind and visually impaired veterans and their families adjust to vision loss
  • Women’s Health

Care provided by the Coatesville VA Medical Center is delivered by engaged, collaborative teams in an integrated environment, supported by learning, education, and the continual effort to improve services.


The Springfield VA Outpatient Clinic is located at:

194 West Sproul Road, Suite 105
Springfield, Pennsylvania 19064

For more information regarding services and enrollment, veterans can contact the clinic at: 610.543.3246