Naval Weapons Station Earle

United States’ Naval Weapons Stations are usually located near potential threat or conflict zones around the world. They are used as ammunition storage facilities, and also utilized in weapons research and development. In contrast to shipyards, these sites have fewer reported cases of mesothelioma and asbestos exposure because the weapons were developed elsewhere. The Navy also maintains domestic weapons stations. After the Cold War’s end, they’ve primarily been used for testing purposes only.

Colts Neck, New Jersey, is the home of the 10,000-acre Naval Weapons Station Earle. Established in 1943, the rural location with a large harbor provided an excellent location that would allow safe offloading of munitions.

Because of its rural character, the Colts Neck location meant fewer civilians would be displaced from their homes while offering relative safety from enemy attacks. In the ensuing decades, Naval Weapons Station Earle has become the prime East Coast harbor for the Atlantic Fleet. Taking advantage of the deepwater harbor, NWS Earle’s pier complex is regarded as being among the largest pier extensions in the world. It stretches more than a mile into the waters of the harbor.

These facilities are staffed by service men and women who serve their country tirelessly and selflessly. They are trained to fight enemies both foreign and domestic, but they can’t defend themselves from asbestos exposure.