Naval Weapons Station Concord

There are dozens of Naval Weapons stations located all over the globe. Of the major yards located in the United States, Naval Weapons Station Concord provides a West Coast harbor for the Pacific Fleet.

Naval Weapons Station Concord is located on the California coast near the confluence of two rivers, the San Joaquin and the Sacramento and is regarded by the United States Navy as being a vital Pacific Fleet munitions facility.

Sited on 12,800 acres in northern Contra Costa County, NWS Concord was established during the early years of the Second World War as a major supply point supporting the war in the Pacific. Divided into two sections, a 5,170-acre inland parcel and the 7,630-acre Tidal parcel, Naval Weapons Station Concord remains a major component of Pacific Fleet operations where munitions are loaded and offloaded from vessel to shore and shore to vessel.

Critical infrastructure such as 79 miles of paved highway and 100 miles of railroad track enables NWS Concord personnel to handle, disburse, and load cargo and ammunition quickly and repeatedly. This was demonstrated during World War Two when the station was able to load or offload in excess of 4,500 tons of munitions daily.

Since the end of the Cold War, Naval Weapons Stations such as the one at Concord have been used mostly for testing purposes. However, they remain crucial components in the United State’s Navy’s supply chain for the Atlantic and Pacific fleets.