A difficult cancer diagnosis, like mesothelioma, can put patients in a lonely place as they adapt to their struggle with disease. Although these feelings of grief and loss might cause some individuals to withdraw, choosing to suffer in silence, medical professionals explain it remains important to fight these urges if they arise.

In fact, medical professionals explain that individuals must actually try harder to keep communication open between themselves and friends, family and doctors. Despite the initial feelings of isolation, these friends and family can provide the essential support needed to fight this condition. While it may feel to individuals that they are fighting this condition alone, that is in fact not the case.

A difficult diagnosis impacts everyone in an individual’s life, including their friends, family and neighbors. Realizing the impact this diagnosis has on them is the first step to overcoming this sense of isolation, which can further discourage individuals. By sharing one’s condition, it allows them to see just how many people are on their side and how important it is to fight.

In addition, patients diagnosed with mesothelioma should also learn to accept the help of these caring individuals. In addition to the needed support family and friends can provide, in the form of meals, transportation or everyday responsibilities, letting them help also benefits these friends and family as well. The contributions these caretakers make can help them cope in a difficult time where they frequently feel powerless as well.

In addition, numerous support groups exist to provide the comfort often only those struggling with the same disease can provide. These programs and services can help patients and their families understand their illness, manage their lives during treatment and find additional emotional support. Today, those with mesothelioma can also find an online community for that support. A variety of support groups for numerous conditions in addition to mesothelioma can be found at the American Cancer Society’s website.


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