Fairport Harbor Facility – Asbestos Exposure

The Fairport Harbor facility manufactures cable and wire resins for the purpose of insulation. The plant is comprised of about 4 acres and has more than 40 employees. Products made in the plant are utilized to insulate fiber optic wiring and copper in the appliance, automotive, computer, telecommunication and power industries. These products are valuable to society as they are used in the manufacturing of safe electrical systems for homes and automobiles.

The site offers almost 3.5 million dollars in yearly benefits and payroll, and in 2007, bought over 1.6 million dollars of services and goods from local businesses and suppliers. The plant pays almost 39,000 thousand dollars a year in local property taxes, as well.

The facility manufactures products and develops technologies that ultimately provide a higher quality of life for individuals around the world. These products are the standard building blocks used to produce innumerable everyday items such as bio fuels, medical applications, durable textiles, automotive components, construction materials, lightweight plastics, fresh food packaging and personal care products.

Many of today’s chemical plants are older facilities that were constructed before regulations on certain materials such as asbestos were formed. Asbestos may have been used in many of these facilities, including LyondellBasell’s Fairport Harbor branch, because of the type of activities the company engaged in, namely the use of high heat and high voltage electricity. Asbestos was a primary insulating substance that wrapped steam pipes, used as firewalls around boilers and as a coating for wires.

Asbestos fibers can break off and become free-floating and workers can inhale them easily. After 20 to 50 years of remaining dormant in the lungs, these fibers can lead to a number of serious health problems. Mesothelioma, a cancer caused by close contact with asbestos is on the rise. This disease is mostly found in people who have not worked around asbestos for decades. If the Fairport Harbor once had asbestos in its buildings, all who worked around this material are at some risk of fiber inhalation.



Fairport Harbor Facility