Mesothelioma Expenses

People living with mesothelioma face many expenses, most related to medical treatment for the disease. However, mesothelioma expenses are not just about medical treatments and therapies. They also consist of practical living expenses such as transportation, food, and housing. Mesothelioma is a rare cancer, so not many families have a financial plan in place that would cover the costs of adequate medical care and other related expenses for someone diagnosed with this serious illness. For that reason, mesothelioma victims and their families often find themselves worrying about how to pay the bills when they need to focus on battling this deadly disease.

The Financial Costs of Mesothelioma

While many mesothelioma victims are retired at the time of their diagnosis, some are still active members of the workforce.  Taking time off from work for medical treatment or other needs can result in lost or reduced wages. The same holds true for family members of mesothelioma victims who take time from work to provide care for their loved one. In such cases, the need to pay household bills, purchase food, pay for transportation, and buy needed equipment can quickly drain savings and create financial hardship. Unfortunately, these types of mesothelioma expenses are generally not covered in health and supplemental insurance program benefits.

Mesothelioma Expenses: Other Resources

The good news is that there are other resources available to help pay for mesothelioma expenses. For example, if you were exposed to asbestos at work, you may be able to collect workers’ compensation benefits to help you pay for your medical costs as well as day-to-day household expenses. There are also government aid programs, such as those administered by Social Security and the Office of Veteran’s Affairs, which may be able to provide financial assistance. Another way to get much-needed financial support for mesothelioma expenses is by pursuing a mesothelioma lawsuit. A successful mesothelioma lawsuit can help you obtain compensation to cover medical expenses and replace lost income when you are no longer able to work.

Compensation for Asbestos Victims

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma or another asbestos-related disease, you may be eligible for financial compensation from the party responsible for the asbestos exposure. If you are ready to file a claim, please contact Seeger Weiss today by completing our free case evaluation form.