Graviola (Soursop, Custard Apple)

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Graviola, a plant whose fruit is also known as soursop or custard apple, can be found in South America and Africa and has been used by natives for hundreds of years. Its properties have not been studied in the western medical community, but it is processed and sold in Europe as a supplement. It is not poisonous or seemingly harmful, but will still require clinical studies and further research in order to determine if it is appropriate for use in standard medicine. Graviola can be taken from the tree by peeling the bark or cutting the branches, where then it is then made into a tea or poultice. Traditionally it has been used it to treat ailments and illnesses such as: arthritis, depression, rheumatism, viruses and parasites. People in both Europe and the United States have reported similar effects from graviola.

Graviola is a minimally researched plant for cancer or any other major disease. The reactions with the human body are not completely known except for the fact that it can affect the nervous system. There have also been some reported effects on Parkinson’s disease, though not conclusive. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated or tested Graviola for any type of commercial use, therefore its benefits cannot be assessed completely. It should be noted that natural products sometimes cannot be mixed with chemicals or other prescriptions.

This remedy may interfere with the absorption of pharmaceutical drugs and should only be taken after consulting a licensed physician or specialist. Graviola has also been noted to lower blood pressure and therefore not recommended for people already exhibiting hypotension. As an herbal remedy, graviola could eventually be proved useful for patients diagnosed with cancers such as mesothelioma. Patients with healthy dietary habits are generally better equipped to fight disease, especially during treatment and healing. The American Cancer Society has defined a balanced diet as one that includes five or more servings per day of fruits and vegetables, and limits the intake of red meat and animal fat. Malnutrition has been linked to vulnerability to infection. By assisting in symptom relief, nutrition can benefit mesothelioma patient well-being.


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