E.J. Bartells is a leading company in the United States that manufacturers and services insulation for mechanical equipment. The company claims to have the most complete line of refractory and insulation products in the nation. They also claim to provide the most extensive and complete service for refractory installation and maintenance. Most of the mechanical insulation is installed and serviced for commercial and industrial businesses. The company does very little work in the residential sector. E.J. Bartells employs a range of expert construction personnel, and their insulators all belong to local unions and have a minimum of four years as apprentices.
E.J. Bartells was established in 1923 by Edwin J. Bartells. He claimed that his purpose was to provide the largest line of insulation and refractory products available. The company is headquartered in Renton, Washington, but has a total of ten other locations, including locations in Alaska, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, and Utah. Besides employing a staff capable of installing and servicing all types of insulation, the company also employs energy auditors. These energy auditors are charged with conducting appraisals that consist of a complete business walkthrough. After gathering all of the facts on a particular commercial or industrial site, they analyze the data in order to recommend the best type of insulation for each location.

Some of E.J. Bartells’ largest customers are general contractors, petroleum refineries, paper mills, and semi-conductor manufacturers. Most of their customers are located in the Pacific Northwest, but they work with companies throughout North America. E.J. Bartells’ customers run through several other industries and are some of the biggest names in their respective industries. E.J. Bartells works with Apollo Sheet Metal, Temp Control Mechanical, J.H. Kelly, and Design Air, Ltd. in the mechanical and sheet metal industry. In the Hi-tech sector, the company does work for Xerox and Intel. They also work with Boeing in the aviation industry. Large industrial customers include Georgia Pacific and Portland General Electric Airgas.

Because E.J. Bartells’ primary business is insulation, the company used a wide assortment of asbestos products. These products were used for decades before being replaced by safer materials.

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