Burns OPC

The Burns OPC is an extension clinic which supports the Boise VA medical Center. Located at 271 N Egan Ave in Burns, Oregon, it can be reached by phone at (541) 573-3339, or by fax at (541) 573-3366. As part of the Boise VA Medical system, this facility helps fulfill the overall system’s goal to provide area veterans with the world-class benefits and services they have earned by serving their country.

The Burns OPC supports the services the Boise VAMC offers in a convenient, smaller location. Services offered at the Boise VAMC include the following:

  • Extended care and rehabilitation: physical medicine and rehabilitation, transitional care, geriatric and research education, home and community care
  • Caregiver support: assistance to caregivers, who provide valuable service to veterans and partner with the VA system, even allowing veterans to receive care in their own home
  • Mental health: consulting, evaluation, and treatment for a variety of veteran issues impacting their quality of life
  • MyHealtheVet: free online personal health record allowing veterans to become informed partners in health care, allowing veterans to access health and benefit information, records and important health and military history information
  • Pharmacy: pharmacy processes over 1,300 prescriptions each day, which can be filled by mail, phone, or internet
  • Primary care: extensive range of treatments, emphasizing preventative medicine
  • Research: increases ability to offer an extensive range of state-of-the-art medical techniques and treatments
  • Social work: assists with counseling and community service
  • Specialty care: program offers full range of specialty services, as well as oncology, radiology, neurology, and audiology
  • Spinal cord injury: comprehensive care to patients who suffered spinal cord injuries, which includes surgery and rehabilitation
  • Women’s health: clinical services for women, which include gynecology, mammography, reproductive care, and menopause treatment
  • Non-VA care: when VA facilities unavailable, outside medical care available

The Burns OPC is within the Boise VAMC’s radius area of approximately 160 miles. This area boasts a veteran population of approximately 94,000 and the Burns OPC helps serve it.


Burns OPC