There are many different reasons why asbestos was so frequently used in an assortment of industries. It has heat and corrosion-resistant properties. It was known to prevent fires from breaking out and spread, and that it was supposed to keep people safe. However, it caused much more damage than good.

Asbestos cord was used widely throughout the mid-20th century. It was found in many household appliances, wrapped around pipes, and in automobile engines. When the asbestos cord was undisturbed and whole it posed no danger. However, upon being broken, shattered, or cut, it produced fibers that began to permanently damage the lungs of anybody who inhaled or ingested them nearby. It was not until after the EPA publically proclaimed that it was dangerous that many people realized the consequences of using asbestos cord. Many employees were affected by asbestos when they handled broken or damaged cord. A number of these employees worked for companies who were cognizant of the dangers the materials posed, but neglected to tell them they could be hurt by the asbestos cord. Many other people had already become ill and died from the materials in the asbestos cord.

It’s important for anybody who believes they or someone they know has been around damaged asbestos cord or insulation to be examined for asbestos poisoning. This exposure can be fatal, so people should contact the proper authorities if they have been exposed. The fact that asbestos was mined and gathered in many different countries of the world, as well as very widespread commercial use, means many people were infected and died from terrible diseases brought on by asbestos. Some of these diseases were ones that involved pulmonary problems, mesothelioma, and permanent damage to the stomach, lungs, heart, and abdomen.


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