Marine Panels

Asbestos has been used in a variety of different building materials. One frequent use for asbestos that many may not know about is in marine panels on a host of different boats. Ranging from boats used in war to personal house and speed boats, asbestos can found in the paneling and other building materials of many vessels.

Asbestos can be found in nearly every part of a navy ship. Marine panels were used to build walls, ceilings, interior accommodations, and even furniture inside many ships. The panels containing asbestos did their job to keep the ship intact and any personnel inside of it insulated in case of fire, but any damaged, cut or broken, material containing asbestos created a new and real danger for anyone working or living near them. Shipbuilders are among the tradesmen who suffer from the highest rate of mesothelioma. This startling fact is true because of the builders’ constant exposure to marine panels containing asbestos. When marine panels and material were cut or damaged, they would release dust containing the asbestos which was easily inhaled. Before the public was aware of the problems involved with asbestos, shipbuilders would work directly with marine panels using their bare hands and no masks. This kind of work exposef them constantly to the dangerous material.  Sometimes, the dust would even collect on their clothing, which they would wear home and in some cases even expose their family to the dangerous  mineral.  The use of asbestos on ships and boats was heavily restricted by 1980, but many boats in use today were made long before this and may still contain the material.