Lagging Cloth

Ever since central heating (HVAC) systems for homes and large buildings came about, researchers and engineers who develop these systems have looked for the best materials from which to duct sealant in order to protect the heated or cooled air from escaping through cracks and other leakages. One of the products used to seal heating systems is lagging cloth. The cloth is applied over the top of a lagging adhesive in the corners and crevices of the ducts. These are the areas that are susceptible to air leakage.

For many years, one material used to make the lagging cloth was asbestos. People in the HVAC business knew that this natural material was not only strong and fire resistant, but that it was also cheap and easily available. During this time, lagging cloth made with asbestos was used in thousands of HVAC ducts around the U.S.

After years of working with asbestos lagging cloth, many people in the HVAC industry have been exposed to asbestos and its dangerous fibers for far too long. Attorneys and researchers in the area of asbestos and asbestos-related diseases helped prove that products like lagging cloth were responsible for asbestos-related disease like mesothelioma.