Gold Bond Perfo-Lyte

One of National Gypsum’s most popular Gold Bond products was Gold Bond Perfo-Lyte. This was a form of wallboard plaster that was designed with a pattern of dots or perforated with small holes. Gold Bond Perfo-Lyte was installed on interior wallboard surfaces for purposes of soundproofing. It was also a great insulator, was fire resistant, and held up to humidity well when used in rooms with indoor swimming pools.

Thousands of homes and other buildings around the world were installed with this plaster. It was considered to be an excellent product because it was cheap and application was easy. Once it was troweled on to either a flat or curved surface, the contractor would brush it to add the stippling or use a perforating tool to make pockmarks in the plaster.

National Gypsum stopped making Gold Bond Perfo-Lyte when the dangers of asbestos became widely known. But by this time homeowners, construction workers, and others had already been exposed to the asbestos and some developed illnesses related to that exposure such as mesothelioma.  National Gypsum has been held financially responsible for some of its negligence.