Asbestos Flatboard

Asbestos flatboard is a flat-surfaced construction material that was often used to provide a smooth finish to the walls of a structure. These flatboards are usually reinforced with cement and used as added insulation for the structure being built. Even though the asbestos in these flatboards was combined with the other materials, the amount of the substance in these boards is highly dangerous to anyone who may be in contact with them.

A person is at a higher risk of exposure if, during the installation process, the flatboard is broken or damaged. The flatboard was also often sawed or cut.  This releases the microscopic asbestos fibers into the air making them easier for the workers to inhale. The workers are not the only ones that are affected by these damaged flatboards. If people move into these homes or buildings and are exposed to the damaged asbestos flatboards, they too can suffer the consequences of inhaling this deadly material.

Removal of the asbestos flatboards can also be a dangerous task. As workers are removing this dangerous material, they need to keep the board wet to help prevent the asbestos fibers from spreading during the removal process. Once they are removed asbestos flatboards need to be disposed of properly. They are usually placed in marked bags and need to be taken to a special place for disposal so no one is contaminated.  Only licensed contractors should remove and dispose of asbestos products.

Those who are exposed to asbestos flatboards can end up very ill with an asbestos related disease. These diseases can cause difficulty breathing and inflammation of the lung tissue. Asbestos related diseases can also lead to certain types of cancer, including malignant mesothelioma, a cancer that is nearly always fatal because symptoms rarely show before the disease is in its advanced stages.