West Linn Clinic

The West Linn Clinic, located at 1750 SW Blankenship Road, Suite 300, in West Linn, Oregon, operates in support of the Portland VA Medical Center. This medical system serves patients in Oregon, Southern Washington and parts of Idaho. It can be reached by phone at (503) 210-4900.

The Portland VA Medical Center is a 303-bed consolidated facility where patients go for a wider array of services than they can receive at one of its support clinics. The West Linn Clinic is one of four supporting community-based outpatient clinics supporting the Portland VA system. These smaller clinics offer patients many important outpatient and primary care services, with an emphasis on preventative care. Although the West Linn Clinic does not offer the range of services, it does provide area veterans with a conveniently-located, intimate setting. Furthermore, patients can receive referral to the main facility if a service cannot be had at this location.

To access these services, patients must first determine their eligibility. Patients then must contact the facility they hope to be seen at, as these facilities do not admit patients on a walk-in basis. In order to serve the maximum number of veterans on a daily basis, patients are encouraged to notify the facility as soon as possible if an appointment cannot be kept. This enables for the quick rescheduling of the appointment, as well as giving the clinic the ability to schedule another patient in the vacated time slot.