Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

The UCLA Medical Center is home to the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center (JCCC). Dubbed a comprehensive cancer center by the National Cancer institute, this is a leading institution in patient care and cancer research, as well as community outreach and education involving cancer.

As a comprehensive cancer center, patients visiting the UCLA Medical Center are able to take advantage of a diverse range of care and support from multiple doctors, physicians, clinics and hospitals ranging from a number of different disciplines. The JCCC at UCLA Medical Center has been frequently ranked among the best cancer centers in the country, as a consistent top 10 in U.S. News & World Report and tops in California.

At the JCCC, the UCLA Medical Center staff boasts an excellent reputation in progressive cancer therapy, as well as groundbreaking types of treatment. A number of previously successful treatment therapies such as Gleevec, Herceptin and Sprycel were all essentially developed on clinical trials and science carried out in UCLA labs with UCLA patients.

As a cancer patient at UCLA and the JCCC, they are able to gain access to full range of benefits and services throughout their visit. This includes psychological support, education, detection, prevention, nutritional information, and wellness. Even with the main location being in Westwood and Los Angeles, the JCCC and UCLA offer multiple clinics and centers in California, including Santa Monica, Santa Clarita, and Pasadena. In addition, they also offer accommodations for families. With the UCLA Medical Center tending to take a holistic, support style approach, the importance and proximity of family is a top priority.

For mesothelioma patients in particular, they will be treated by the Thoracic Oncology Department. UCLA runs a multi-discipline strategy by providing evaluations from oncologists, pulmonologists and thoracic surgeons. Specialists use this multi discipline approach to find the most suitable and formidable treatment plan in every individual case.

As an overall medical center, UCLA has been consistently named as one of the top locations in the United States. The center is frequently ranked by US News & Report as the top west coast hospital and in the top five in the entire country. Proving their worth across all disciplines, the UCLA Medical Center also boasts consistent top 20 rankings across 15 different medical specialties.