In medicine’s progressive transition from treating just the body to addressing other human dynamics, such as spiritual well being, there has been much needed attention to practices such as the Japanese therapy, Reiki. Culturally, Reiki is believed to serve the human spirit through its traditional methods of treatment.

Reiki has been attributed to increasing levels of subjective as well as objective results in cancer patients that received the treatment such as increased happiness, stress reduction, reduced muscle fatigue, and more. As a part of holistic medicine, Reiki cannot combat cancer alone, however. It is best applied as a means of coping with the rigors of chemotherapy, cancer-related surgeries, and radiation.

Benefits of Reiki

As it is still foreign to many westerners, the mechanics and benefits of a Reiki session are lost on most cancer patients. Essentially, Reiki provides the total relief of body, mind and soul for patients suffering from serious and life-threatening illnesses like mesothelioma. This traditional healing art, performed properly by a licensed Reiki master, targets negative thoughts and feelings including anger, depression, fear, excessive worry or anxiety, which allow for the formation of damaging or toxic relationships that lead to a higher incidence of illnesses and delayed recovery.

The Procedure

Unlike other therapies that address imbalances in one’s life force, Reiki uses no instruments in its actual practice. In Reiki, the hands of the Reiki practitioner act as the intermediary that delivers the healing spiritual energy. Once this energy is transferred to the patient, proponents claim the pathways for the life force are opened, realigned, and enlivened. Because Reiki uses extremely delicate, non-intrusive contact with areas of the patient’s imbalance, it is less forceful and more specific than other therapies, also presenting virtually no adverse side effects.

Mesothelioma and Reiki

Some mesothelioma cancer patients hail Reiki treatment as a considerable opponent against the looming threat of cancer. They report holistic improvements of happiness, spirituality and decreased levels of pain. Patients also reported that the unfortunate side effects that accompany conventional cancer treatments, such as vomiting and nausea, also subsided greatly. Scientifically, there is no correlation that Reiki directly addresses cancer, but thousands of patients will attest to how it handles symptoms created by cancer treatments.

Proponents of this therapy claim Reiki is safe, natural, and effective, even claiming it is a successful treatment alone or in conjunction with other procedures. However, based on the lack of supporting evidence, it remains unlikely that Reiki can defeat cancer as a standalone treatment. In the endeavor to defeat mesothelioma cancer, nothing is more valuable than professional advice and treatments that have been tested and recommended by these professionals.