Public Health Forms

In addition to sending in the proper notification of demolition or renovation projects involving asbestos, most state and local governments require the completion of some type of public health form.  Depending on the state, there may be separate requirements for indoor and outdoor abatement projects and several governmental agencies may be involved.  Though it is legal for homeowners to perform small abatement projects on their own homes without this paperwork, it is highly advisable to hire a licensed professional who will not only have the proper equipment, but will also be familiar with the forms necessary to undertake the project.  It is not worth risking one’s health merely to avoid paperwork.

Federal Requirements

Federal law requires proof of inspection by a state-certified inspector along with the details of the project, such as the name and location of the site, the name of the contractor, and the plans for removal and disposal of asbestos-containing materials.  Though generally these forms need to be submitted ten to 14 before work begins, there are exceptions for emergency situations.  A notification of demolition is generally required even if no asbestos is found in the inspection.


There are often fees that must be submitted along with the notification and public health forms.  Again, they vary by state and often by the amount of material that needs to be removed.  There may also be differing fees for asbestos that is friable – that is, able to be crumbled by hand – which is more dangerous and thus more costly to remove than nonfriable asbestos.