The Ohio State University James Cancer Center

Established in 1990, The Ohio State University James Cancer Center was the first fully dedicated cancer hospital in the Midwest, as well as the only one in the state of Ohio. Providing one of the premier locations for cancer prevention, detection and treatment, the OSU James Cancer Center is an excellent place for any mesothelioma patient.

The OSU James Cancer Center prides itself on mixing research, education and clinical trials. It is one of only seven cancer centers in the United States that is approved by the National Cancer Institute to conduct both phase 1 and 2 clinical trials focused on anti-cancer drugs.

With the approval to conduct these type clinical research trials, the OSU James Cancer Center offers some of the most advanced trials and treatment throughout the world. Participation in a clinical trial offers patients to experience the same cancer care as always, as well as access to new types of treatment that are limited to availability within clinical trials.

Aside from clinical trials on anti cancer drugs, the OSU James Cancer Center also offers numerous other research divisions. They take part in programs including cancer control, experimental therapeutics, molecular biology, innate immunity, pediatric oncology, viral oncology and molecular carcinogenesis.

From a patient standpoint, the OSU James Cancer Center offers top notch care. The center is consistently ranked among the top cancer treatment hospitals in the nation. It is currently ranked within the top 25 cancer treatment facilities by U.S. News and World Report, as well as the top 15 for rehabilitation.  Along with awards and rankings within the U.S. News & World Report, the OSU James Cancer Center has been dubbed a top hospital by multiple other publications such as Leapfrog.

Patients are offered a top notch staff and facilities at the OSU James Cancer Center as well. Nearly 87 percent of the Ohio doctors on the “Best Doctors in America” report were practicing at one of the Ohio State University’s hospitals. The OSU James Cancer Center offers patients with a 172 bed facility over 13 floors and a number of beds and suites dedicated to different specializations. Every year, the facility takes in nearly 6,000 people and over 100,000 outpatient cases.