Three Key Areas for Mesothelioma Research: Causes and prevention

Mesothelioma is a rare and deadly cancer with no known cure. Science has progressed far enough to treat mesothelioma and sometimes slow its progress, but not far enough to prevent or cure the cancer. Current research for the early detection, prevention, and treatment of mesothelioma typically focuses on three key areas, which this blog series will explore briefly. Two key areas of ongoing mesothelioma research are causes and prevention. According to the American Cancer Society, these areas of mesothelioma research are focused on the mechanisms by which the carcinogenic fiber, asbestos, causes normal cells to change into malignant cells. Knowing and understanding these mechanisms might allow scientists to discover a way to prevent mesothelioma. What scientists know is that the microscopic fibers can pass through the lining of the lungs and become embedded in the abdominal cavity or in the linings of other organs. There, irritation over time can cause many different health problems, including asbestosis, cancers, and mesothelioma.  Although much progress has been made, more scientific research is needed to determine the carcinogen’s exact methods in causing these illnesses. In the next installment of this series, the second key area of mesothelioma research, genetics, will be explored. Reference: American Cancer Society Source: Previous: Mesothelioma EPP Surgery Could Pose High Risks Next: Three Key Areas for Mesothelioma Research: Genetics