Asbestos Found in Multiple Buildings at Cal State Fullerton

According to a recent article out of the Daily Titan, an official newspaper for Cal State University- Fullerton, asbestos materials were positively identified in 16 different campus buildings this week. The director of Environmental Health and Safety, Scott Bourdon, said that numerous tests and samples have already been take throughout the campus determine positive and negative results for asbestos. Among the 16 buildings are major structures such as the school bookstore, the Computer Science Building, the Engineering Building, the Performing Arts Center, Student Health Center and Visual Arts Building, among others. University representatives believe all buildings constructed after 1990 to be completely free of the materials. Just like many college campuses around the nation, Call State University-Fullerton contains a large portion of buildings that are older, in this case most being built in the 1960’s and 1970’s. During these times, asbestos was used in all sorts of building materials such as insulation, tiles and piping. Now, the material is widely known for an exposure and connection to terminal diseases such as mesothelioma and asbestosis. Moving forward, the University is looking to find a clear way to keep their students out of harm’s way, while taking the proper steps to have the materials removed at some point. Right now, the asbestos materials are said to be undisturbed, which is excellent news for the school and its students. Some of the students were interviewed by the Daily Titan, most seemingly in okay spirits and understanding with the task in front of the University. One of them believed that CSUF was “probably doing as much as they can” right now, with classes fully in session and numerous students still roaming through the buildings where materials were identified. Of course, it’s likely that at some point the asbestos containing materials will have to be safely removed or replaced, to end any long term risk. The fact that all of the found areas remain undisturbed is highly positive news for students as friable or exposed materials would run the risk of exposure and the resulting health risks, such as mesothelioma. Much of the materials are said to be found in floor tiles that are currently in great shape and in no immediate need for being replaced, as the massive list of buildings cannot afford to be down while classes are in session.  A removal process will likely start when the University can minimize risk by shutting down individual buildings for an official, regulated removal process. One possible option is to begin over the holiday breaks which are coming up in a few weeks. Since over 16 buildings were identified with asbestos, the process of removal will likely be long term and time consuming, while still aiming to keep the students safe. Reference:
  • Apodaca, Alexander. (December 4, 2011). “CSUF building may pose health hazard.” Retrieved on December 7, 2011 from The Daily Titan.
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