Dr. Lambros Zellos

Dr. Lambros Zellos M.D.

Dr. Lambros Zellos is an Associate Surgeon and Clinical Co-Director of the International Mesothelioma Program and a thoracic surgeon at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital located in Boston, Massachusetts.

75 Francis St Boston, MA 02115

Dr. Lambros Zellos is an Associate Surgeon and Clinical Co-Director of the International Mesothelioma Program and a thoracic surgeon at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital located in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Zellos also holds an academic appointment at Harvard Medical School where he is an instructor in surgery. Additionally, Dr. Zellos is associated with three distinguished professional organizations, the American Medical Association, International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation, and the Candidate Group American College of Surgeons. Education and Training Dr. Zellos completed his undergraduate work in biology at the University of Maryland College Park, after which he attended the Georgetown University School of medicine, obtaining his medical doctorate in May 1994. He went on to receive his Masters in Public Health from Harvard’s School of Public health. While in school, Dr. Zellos was a member of several honor societies including Phi Sigma Biological Honor Society and Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society to name a few. His numerous residencies and fellowships span the course of ten years and were completed at Georgetown University Medical Center, Harvard medical School, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Since graduating from medical school, Dr. Zellos has attained various licensure and certifications that qualify him for his position, these include: 2005 Certificate American Board of Thoracic Surgery 2004 Certificate American Board of Surgery 1999 District of Columbia Medical License 1996 Commonwealth of Massachusetts Medical License 1995 USMLE III 1994 USMLE II 1992 USMLE I Among his qualifications academically and professionally, Dr. Zellos was awarded the Marguerite George Resident Award for Excellence in vascular Surgery in 2000 and the John J. Collins Cardiothoracic Surgeon Scholar Award in 2004. Research and Publications From 1997 to 2000, Dr. Zellos served on the Medical Records Committee which is a part of the Georgetown University Medical Center. He has published numerous abstracts, journal articles, and book chapters, as well as participated in presentations offered at both national and international symposiums and conferences. The treatment of mesothelioma, specifically multimodal approaches to treatment and aggressive surgical procedures, are often the topic of Dr. Zellos’ research, a sample of which is provided below: Abstracts Sugarbaker D, Richards WG, Zellos LS, et al. Feasibility of pleurectomy and intraoperative bicavitary hyperthermic cisplatin lavage for mesothelioma phase I-II study. Proc Am Soc Clin Oncol. 2003;22620. Abstract 2494. 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