Mesothelioma Attorney

Finding the mesothelioma lawyer who is right for you is similar to finding the right doctor or specialist. There are many qualified people, but only one best match for you. Sometimes, the best person for you isn't just a person, but a team of legal professionals with experience in asbestos-related litigation. A dedicated legal team that can guide you through the process from the first phone call to the end of your case.

Know your mesothelioma law firm's record

When you begin your search for a mesothelioma lawyer, you'll find many listings for different attorneys from different law firms. Select several firms to call and ask the representatives questions about the experience they have with mesothelioma cases. Ask about the credentials of their attorneys, the number of cases they have won, and the types of asbestos-related diseases they specialize in. You can also call the bar association in your state to get a list of the best-rated mesothelioma attorneys and law firms.

A law firm with a long history of experience

One important qualification for a law firm is a positive track record over many years. The complex nature of asbestos laws and the changes in mesothelioma litigation have to be handled by experienced legal professionals who are capable of negotiating the best outcome for you and your family. Read some of the client testimonials available for the law firm you choose. It's important to see that other clients have placed deep trust in these attorneys before and had successful results.

Pay attention to details

Once you have a mesothelioma attorney you feel confident about selecting, dig a little deeper into the details. Will this attorney work with you personally? Will he or she travel to you? What will be required of you at every stage in the process? Certain firms and attorneys will work hard to accommodate you while dealing with the difficulties of mesothelioma symptoms. These are important details to understand. You’ll also want to check into average settlements in the state where your attorney practices and compare those to your attorney's record. Sometimes, if you choose a national law firm, your case will be referred to a co-counsel firm located in a state where mesothelioma settlements tend to be higher. It may be that such a referral is beneficial to your case.

Are there legal fees?

Finally, learn about the legal fees involved in your case. At Seeger Weiss, we work on a contingency basis, which means there is no upfront cost to you if we handle your mesothelioma lawsuit. We only receive compensation if we win your case for you. Fill out the form below to learn more about your legal options and about receiving compensation that may provide financial security for you and your family.