Because of its durability, insulation properties, and high heat-resistant properties, asbestos was well liked in the construction industry for many of its products. Asbestos tape was used in many ways in this industry, including electrical insulation and sealing of ducts and joints, creating an electrical connection or preventing the escape of heat from a network of pipes. This tape was composed of up to 80% asbestos fiber. It was later replaced by duct tape, but even some early brands of duct tape contained high percentages of asbestos.  The types of tape that contain asbestos are usually white in color, and are still manufactured and sold in some countries, including China.

For the home or property owners of the structures that were constructed with tape containing asbestos, there is a low chance of a significant health hazard.  Usually an item that contains asbestos must be broken or damaged to pose a health risk, and there is a very miniscule chance that the fibers of asbestos in the tape could become airborne, unlike other asbestos containing products.  However, if the tape should become dry and brittle, it should be disposed of by a professional.

Additionally, where asbestos tape is present, there is an increased chance of other asbestos containing materials being present within the construction of the building. Licensed asbestos specialists should always be consulted in the removal of asbestos products or in the remodeling of a home that contains asbestos products, because this could release dangerous asbestos fibers into the air causing heath problems for anyone who is exposed.