Electromagnetic Therapy

Uses of Electromagnetic Therapy

Electromagnetic therapy uses energy to diagnose and treat various diseases. Many kinds of electromagnetic devices have been utilized as part of this therapy. Sources of electromagnetic energy include electricity, radio waves, microwaves, magnetic fields and infrared rays. Practitioners of electromagnetic therapy claim that imbalances in energy fields or electromagnetic frequencies within the body can cause illness and disturb the chemical makeup of the body. By correctly applying electromagnetic energy from outside of the body, practitioners claim that they are able to correct imbalances in the body. Practitioners claim that electromagnetic therapy can be used to treat many conditions such as ulcers, headaches, chronic pain, nerve disorders, spinal cord injuries, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and cancer.

Types of Electromagnetic Therapy

BioResonance Tumor Therapy, a kind of electromagnetic treatment, uses an electronic device that practitioners claim results in the destruction of tumor cells by energizing a certain gene in the body. Some practitioners claim that it cures cancer in 80% of all cases, although they offer no evidence of exactly how this is accomplished. Supporters of another device known as the Cell Com system believe that it controls chemical and electrical communication between cells. Proponents of the Cell Com system claim that it can be used to relieve pain caused by cancer and for healing infections such as bronchitis, arthritis and asthma. They further believe that the device can stop the proliferation of cancer cells.

Users claim that the Rife machine, another electromagnetic therapy device, is able to diagnose and cure diseases such as cancer. This is accomplished by tuning directly into electrical impulses given off by diseased tissue in the body and then directing energy of the same frequency back at the diseased tissue, a process that promoters claim can kill disease-causing organisms. Another electromagnetic therapy device that has been promoted to cure cancer is the zapping machine, purported to eliminate the “parasites” that practitioners believe are responsible for the cancer.

Many unconventional and unproven electronic devices have been marketed over the years, but BioResonance Tumor Therapy, the Cell Com system, the Rife machine, and the zapping machine are the four most popular electromagnetic therapy systems available today.  Though electrical and magnetic energy both exist in the body and have been used in diagnostic procedures such as EEGs, there is no evidence that these devices kill cancer cells.