The Procedure

According to the American Cancer Society cupping is a treatment formulated in Chinese medicine to treat bronchial congestion, arthritis, and pain. It has also been utilized for the reduction of swelling and lowering of depression. This method involves a cup made of natural substances such as glass, wood, or bamboo filled with a flammable substance like paper or alcohol. The contents of the cup are then lit on fire and the entire element is placed, inverted, on top of certain areas of the body. Before placement the fire is allowed to burn down, and the specific areas where the inverted cup are placed are directly related to Chinese medicine, with specific attention to qi (pronounced “chee”). This practice is performed with the intent that energy previously blocked by tumors will be rebalanced. The cooling of the air inside the cup results in a vacuum that causes the skin to rise, allowing for toxins to escape through opened pores.

Mesothelioma and Cupping

Cupping is related to treatment options that have yet to be approved as a standard practice. Cancer patients such as those diagnosed with mesothelioma, often seek symptom relief, due in part to the fact this form of cancer is likely to exhibit a long latency period. A long latency period means that the patient may not recognize first symptoms until later stages of cancer. Because of this, mesothelioma patients are prone to exploring options for palliative, as well as curative treatments. Methods like cupping are sometimes considered by cancer patients in an attempt to achieve symptom relief. Relief of various cancer symptoms, such as pain can help to promote stress relief and an overall feeling of well being. Cupping is a treatment that has not been approved as a standard practice. Only a licensed physician or specialist can give a proper diagnosis of cancers and other illnesses. As such, treatment options, prognosis, and staging, as related to diagnosis, should be discussed with a medical professional.