Arkema Torrance Plant

Arkema is a diversified chemicals manufacturer with verticals in Vinyl Products, Industrial Chemicals and Performance Products. Arkema’s Torrance plant manufactures a variety of latex emulsion products that are supplied to manufacturers of coatings, adhesives and construction products. The Arkema Torrance plant was formerly based in Gardena, California, in 1967. However, the plant was shifted to its current Torrance location when Union Carbide bought Jennat Corporation. In 2001, chemicals major Dow Chemical, bought the Torrance plant, together with the rest of Union Carbide. In 2010, Arkema bought the Torrance plant and the Emulsion Systems business from Dow Chemical.

Arkema Emulsion Systems is committed to environmental safety and has embarked on a number of initiatives. The initiatives not only target safeguarding the environment, but also the plants’ workers, the community and its customers. As such, Arkema has outlined objectives that are geared towards sustainable growth while safeguarding the above interests. Under its objectives, Arkema aims to continuously improve its products, manufacturing practices and services while minimizing the impact of such processes to the environment. Arkema’s objectives also target offering vital information on safe transport, storage and use of the company’s products.

The Torrance operation strives to be as open and cooperative as possible to the community it serves, adhering to one of Arkema’s operational objectives. As a safety measure, all production, inclusive of monomer transfer, stops at the Torrance facility whenever there is welding or hot work in the firm’s Process Building. The ‘Stop’ measure is observed, regardless of the scope of the task at hand.

The Torrance plant also has an in-house rescue team & equipment for Confine Space rescue purposes. To guard against pollution, any liquid, inclusive of rain water collected at the Torrance plant is tested and dispatched to the LA Sanitation County Industrial Wastewater for treatment. Additional waste generation is also minimized by selling off grade latex generated to various outlets as out of spec material. With its head office and main operations headquartered in Philadelphia, Arkema employees 2,050, with 24 manufacturing locations across North America.

Despite Arkema’s extensive current safety measures, the Torrance plant was built at a time when asbestos was used in many chemical manufacturing facilities for its resistant to heat and corrosion.  Though asbestos is useful for these purposes, it is also deadly to many of those who work with it, causing serious diseases like asbestosis and mesothelioma.


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