Asbestos pads were once used in a variety of different products. These pads were commonly used as part of brake pads for cars. Using asbestos pads for brake and clutch linings, gaskets and the like was popular because the pads are fire resistant as well as heat-resistant. An asbestos pad may also refer to a pot-holder of sorts that is used to take hot things off a stove. Ironing boards of earlier days were also lined with asbestos sheets to prevent fires. Over time, a number of people have used asbestos products and unknown to them, they have exposed themselves to several illnesses related to asbestos.

These asbestos products may have been used to prevent accidental fires, but still continued to have their own set of problems. Asbestos products are relatively safe until they are damaged. Once that happens, toxic fibers released can create health problems for those who are around to inhale it. Asbestos brake pads, especially, can turn dangerous because they are prone to wear and tear. Mechanics who deal with replacing such parts of the vehicle are more susceptible to illnesses such as mesothelioma or other asbestos-induced cancer.

As such, asbestos pads are no longer manufactured. However, they do exist in old cars and other products. It is in everyone’s best interest to dispose of these products as soon as possible. There are special procedures for removal and disposal of asbestos-containing products, so it is best to consult a licensed asbestos contractor. He or she will have the proper protective equipment for working with this dangerous mineral.


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